Thursday, March 23, 2006

We have compiled a list of common problems that we are seeing in the field when servicing Hewlett Packard Laserjets and Officejet printers. This is a way of keeping our customer base up to date on what maintenance may be needed to keep your equipment in good working order. We will also post any updates that we receive from Hewlett Packard as they become available. Thank you for your continued support! (972)241-1223.

HP LASERJET 4,4+,4M,5,5M- Accordion paper jams occuring in the rear of the machine before exiting the printer. This is caused by the paper output rollers drying out and can usually be solved with a good cleaning. Occasionally we must replace the output assembly but this is not an expensive repair and well worth keeping these workhorses going.

HP LASERJET 5L,6L, Fax 3100, Fax 3150- Pulling more than one page from the paper tray. This is a common problem with these units in which the pick-up roller and separation pad must be replaced. Kits are available for $ 15.00 + Labor.

HP LASERJET 1100/ Fax 3200- Pulling more than one sheet from the paper tray-( See above 5L/6L)- Kits are also available for $ 15.00 + Labor.

HP LASERJET 4000/4050- Makes a " bullfrog" sound when trying to pull from tray 2 followed by "13.1" paper jams. This is a symptom of the tray 2 pick-up rollers wearing out.

HP LASERJET 4100/4200- Pieces of plastic mylar coming from the rear of the machine followed by copies smeared on either the left or right hand side of the page. The fuser film sleeve has shredded ( delaminated). This problem has been addressed by Hp and new fusers have corrected this issue.